Meru The Succubus Complete Guide

Meru The Succubus
Meru The Succubus

Meru The Succubus, Succubi, also known as succubae, are female demons from folklore who seduce and sexually drain the life force of their victims. They are often depicted as beautiful and alluring women with wings and horns, capable of shapeshifting into various forms to entice their prey. One notable succubus in popular culture is Meru, a character from the popular mobile game, “Monster Strike”. In this guide, we will delve deeper into the lore and characteristics of Meru the succubus.

Introduction to Meru The Succubus

Meru is a 5-star rarity demon in “Monster Strike” and is known as the Queen of Seduction. She is depicted as a young, elegant woman with long purple hair, bat-like wings, and two curved horns on her head. Her seductive nature and ability to manipulate desires make her a formidable foe for the game’s protagonists.

Origins and Lore

The origins of succubi can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia, where they were known as “Lilin” or “Lilitu” in Sumerian mythology. They were believed to be the offspring of Lilith, a demon who was said to have been Adam’s first wife before Eve. In later texts, succubi were associated with the devil and often depicted as servants or lovers of Satan.

In “Monster Strike”, Meru is described as a fallen angel who became a succubus after being cast out of heaven for her insatiable lust. She now roams the world, preying on men and feeding off their lifeforce to sustain her immortality.

Appearance and Abilities

Succubi are often described as stunningly beautiful with irresistible charm and seductive powers. They can appear in any form they desire but usually take on a human-like appearance with wings and horns to signify their demonic nature. Meru, for example, is depicted as a voluptuous woman with purple hair, bat-like wings, and two horns on her forehead.

Succubi are also known for their ability to manipulate and control the minds of their victims. They can create illusions and feed on their victim’s sexual energy through physical contact or even just by being in close proximity to them. This makes them dangerous and alluring at the same time.

Purpose and Role

The role of a succubus is to seduce and tempt men, draining them of their energy and leaving them weakened or even dead. Some legends also suggest that succubi can bear children with their victims, creating half-human, half-demon offspring known as cambions. 

In “Monster Strike”, Meru is shown to have a soft spot for children and often protects them from harm. This adds an interesting layer to her character, blurring the lines between good and evil.


Succubi are often seen as symbolic representations of lust, desire, and temptation. They can represent the internal struggles of individuals who struggle with their own desires and addictions. 

In the case of Meru, she could also represent the dangers of giving in to one’s desires without considering the consequences. Her beauty and charm can be seen as a metaphor for the allure of temptation and how it can lead one down a destructive path.

Pop Culture Depictions

Succubi have been a popular topic in literature and media for centuries. In recent years, they have gained even more attention with their inclusion in video games, anime, and other forms of pop culture. 

“Monster Strike” is just one example of how succubi have been portrayed in a modern context. Other notable depictions include the character Lilith from the video game franchise “Borderlands” and the popular anime series “High School DxD.”

Meru The Succubus Popularity

Meru’s character in “Monster Strike” has gained a dedicated fan base, with many cosplayers and fan artists creating their own versions of her. Her unique design, playful personality, and complex backstory have made her a fan favorite among players of the game. 

Additionally, Meru’s popularity has also sparked discussions about representation in media, as she is one of the few positive portrayals of a succubus in popular culture.


Meru, the succubus from “Monster Strike,” is just one interpretation of this mythical creature. With her seductive appearance and mysterious intentions, she adds an element of danger and allure to the game. 

But beyond her role in the game, Meru also serves as a symbol for themes such as temptation and desire. Whether you see her as a villain or a complex character with shades of gray, there’s no denying that succubi like Meru have captured our imaginations for centuries and will continue to do so in the future.  

So the next time you encounter a succubus in a video game or piece of media, remember Meru and her intriguing story.  Keep an open mind and consider the deeper meanings behind this alluring creature. And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself rooting for them instead of fearing them. After all, with characters like Meru, it’s hard not to be captivated by the world of succubi.  So embrace the mystery and indulge in the allure of Meru, the succubus.

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Meru The Succubus