What Is Boost Mobile? And Its Services

Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a popular wireless telecommunications brand that offers prepaid plans and services in the United States and Australia. It was founded in 2000 by Peter Adderton, with the aim of providing affordable and flexible mobile plans for customers.

Introduction to Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile operates as a subsidiary of Sprint Corporation and uses the Sprint network to provide its services. It primarily caters to customers who want budget-friendly options without compromising on call quality and network coverage.

History Of Boost Mobile

In its early years, Boost Mobile mainly focused on offering pay-as-you-go plans with no annual contracts to customers. However, it later expanded its services to include monthly and family plans as well. In 2006, Nextel Communications acquired BoostMobile, and in 2013, Sprint Corporation purchased both companies.

Services Offered

BoostMobile offers a variety of services to its customers, including:

  • Prepaid plans: Boost Mobile’s main service is its prepaid mobile plans, which allow customers to pay for their usage in advance. This offers more flexibility and control over spending compared to traditional postpaid plans.
  • Mobile phones: Boost Mobile also sells a range of mobile phones, including both smartphones and feature phones, at affordable prices.
  • Data packs: Customers can purchase additional data packs if they need extra data beyond what is included in their plan.
  • International calling: Boost Mobile offers international calling to over 80 countries, making it easier for customers to stay connected with friends and family overseas.
  • Boost Perks: Customers can also enjoy exclusive discounts and deals through the Boost Perks program, which offers savings on shopping, dining, entertainment, and more.

Network Coverage

BoostMobile operates on the Sprint network in the United States and the Telstra network in Australia. This provides customers with reliable coverage across both countries, including in rural and remote areas.

Plans and Pricing

BoostMobile offers a range of prepaid plans to suit different needs and budgets. These include unlimited talk, text, and data plans starting at $35 per month. 

Customers can also choose from family plans, international plans, and data-only plans. Boost Mobile also offers discounts for adding additional lines to a primary account.

Customer Support

Boost Mobile provides customer support through various channels, including phone, live chat, and social media. They also have a detailed FAQ section on their website to help address common queries and concerns.

Benefits of Choosing BoostMobile

There are several benefits to choosing Boost Mobile as your wireless provider, including:

  • Affordable plans: With a variety of prepaid plans available, customers can find an option that fits their budget and usage needs.
  • Flexible options: Prepaid plans provide more flexibility compared to postpaid plans, allowing customers to have better control over their spending.
  • Reliable coverage: BoostMobile operates on reliable networks in the US and Australia, ensuring customers have access to strong coverage.
  • Additional perks: The Boost Perks program offers exclusive discounts and deals, allowing customers to save money on their favorite brands and services.

Boost Mobile Near Me

Boost Mobile has over 200,000 retail locations across the United States and Australia. Customers can find a BoostMobile store near them by using the store locator on the company’s website.

Boost Mobile Near me In NYC

For customers in New York City, Boost Mobile has several locations throughout the five boroughs. Customers can visit a store in their neighborhood to purchase a new phone, sign up for service, or get assistance with any issues.

BoostMobile Near Me In California

Customers in California can also find numerous BoostMobile locations throughout the state. From Los Angeles to San Francisco, customers can visit a store for all their wireless needs. Additionally, many authorized retailers also sell Boostmobile products and services in other convenient locations within California.

Offers and Promotions

BoostMobile frequently offers promotions and deals to help customers save even more on their wireless services. These can include discounts on phones, add-ons for plans, and other attractive incentives. Customers can check the BoostMobile website or follow them on social media to stay updated on the latest offers.


Boost Mobile is a leading prepaid wireless provider that offers affordable plans, reliable coverage, and additional perks for customers in the US and Australia. With a variety of services, flexible options, and dedicated customer support, BoostMobile continues to attract customers looking for budget-friendly wireless solutions. 

So, if you’re in need of a new wireless provider or simply looking to switch to a more flexible option, consider choosing BoostMobile for all your mobile needs.  Be sure to check out their website or visit a store near you for more information.  Happy Connection!

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Boost Mobile