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zoolander cast
zoolander cast

Welcome to the complete guide on the cast of the cult classic comedy film, Zoolander Cast! Released in 2001, this film quickly gained a following for its hilarious and unforgettable characters. Not only did it launch the career of lead actor Ben Stiller, but it also featured an all-star cast that added to the overall success of the movie. In this guide, we will take a closer look at each member of the Zoolander cast and their contributions to the film.

Shooting Locations Of Zoolander Cast

Before we dive into the cast, let’s take a look at where the movie was filmed. Zoolander was primarily shot in locations such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Paris. These iconic cities served as the backdrop for the glamorous world of fashion that the film parodies. 

The scenes at Derek Zoolander’s hometown of Coalville were actually filmed in northern California. In addition to these major locations, some scenes were also shot in Rome and Lake Como in Italy. This diverse array of shooting locations adds to the global appeal of the film and showcases the high-fashion world in a satirical light.

Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander

No one can think of Zoolander without picturing Ben Stiller’s iconic portrayal of the titular character. Stiller not only starred in the film, but he also directed and co-wrote it, showcasing his incredible talent both in front of and behind the camera. His performance as the dim-witted male model Derek Zoolander is nothing short of comedic genius, making him a fan favorite in the film.

Owen Wilson as Hansel McDonald

Stiller’s real-life friend and frequent collaborator, Owen Wilson, also joins the cast of Zoolander as Hansel McDonald, a rival male model to Zoolander. With his laid-back attitude and effortless charm, Wilson perfectly complements Stiller’s comedic timing and adds another layer of entertainment to the film.

Christine Taylor as Matilda Jeffries

Playing the role of Time Magazine journalist and Zoolander’s love interest, Matilda Jeffries, is actress Christine Taylor. Her character serves as both a romantic interest for Zoolander and an important catalyst for his growth throughout the film. Taylor’s performance adds heart and depth to the comedy, making her character a vital part of the story.

Will Ferrell as Jacobim Mugatu

Known for his over-the-top and outrageous characters, Will Ferrell delivers yet another memorable performance as the villainous fashion designer, Jacobim Mugatu. Ferrell’s comedic talent shines through in every scene he is in, making Mugatu one of the most beloved villains in comedy film history.

Milla Jovovich as Katinka Ingabogovinanana

In a departure from her usual action roles, Milla Jovovich takes on the role of Katinka, Mugatu’s henchwoman. Her deadpan delivery and impeccable physical comedy add to the absurdity of the film and make her character a standout in the cast.

Jerry Stiller as Maury Ballstein

Jerry Stiller, Ben Stiller’s real-life father, plays the role of Maury Ballstein, Zoolander’s agent. His comedic chemistry with his son is undeniable and adds an extra layer of humor to their scenes together.

Milla Jovovich as Katinka Ingabogovinanana

Supermodel-turned-actress, Milla Jovovich, brings her fierce energy to the role of Mugatu’s right-hand woman, Katinka Ingabogovinanana. With her stunning looks and impressive athleticism, Jovovich’s character adds a sense of danger and intrigue to the film.

David Duchovny as J.P. Prewitt

Bringing his trademark deadpan delivery to the role of hand model-turned-conspiracy theorist, J.P. Prewitt, is actor David Duchovny. His character provides a satirical commentary on the obsession with beauty and perfection in the fashion industry, adding another layer of depth to the film’s comedy.

Christine Taylor as Matilda Jeffries

Rounding out the main cast is actress Christine Taylor, who plays journalist and love interest to Zoolander, Matilda Jeffries. Her character serves as both a romantic interest for Zoolander and an important catalyst for his growth throughout the film. Taylor’s performance adds heart and depth to the comedy, making her character a vital part of the story.

Supporting Zoolander Cast

Zoolander also features a talented supporting cast, including Will Ferrell’s real-life wife, Viveca Paulin, as Mugatu’s henchwoman, and Owen Wilson as rival model Hansel. The film also includes cameos from various celebrities and fashion icons, adding to its satirical take on the industry.

In Conclusion

Overall, the Zoolander cast is a key component to the film’s success, bringing their comedic talents and unique personalities to create an unforgettable and hilarious satire of the fashion world. With each character adding their own unique dynamic to the story, it’s no wonder that this cult classic continues to be loved by audiences today. So whether you’re in need of a good laugh or just want to see some iconic performances, the Zoolander cast has got you covered.

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zoolander cast